" An Example of Traditional Spice Farming " 


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The BBC2 series Around The World In 80 Gardens, began broadcasting in the UK on BBC2 in February 2008. It is introduced by Monty Don and he has also written a book with the same title. According to Wikipedia (2008) 'Montagu 'Monty' Denis Wyatt Don (born 1955) is a BBC television presenter, writer and speaker on horticulture. Monty Don received no formal training as a gardener. In his own words "I was – am – an amateur gardener and a professional writer. My only authority came from a lifetime of gardening and a passion amounting to an obsession for my own garden." He is a keen proponent of organic gardening and the practice of organic techniques, to some extent, features in all of his published work. The organic approach is most prominent in his 2003 book The Complete Gardener. Monty and wife Sarah's previous career in the 1980s involved making and selling costume jewellery under the company name 'Monty Don Jewellery'. The collapse of the company in the early 1990s prompted him to embark on a career in writing and broadcasting. He has written about the rise and collapse of their business in The Jewel Garden, an autobiographical book written with his wife, Sarah.'

Monty Don narrate in his book " The spice garden display area is 2 acres and not in the least primped or even, perhaps, conforming to the conventional notion of garden. The lines between domestic garden, forest and smallholding are blurred to my constrained English eye. I put it in a forest garden/permaculture' pigeon hole and then take it out again. It is what it is. Mr Abraham's garden".

It is of course, full of spices, He grows cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, vanilla, ginger, turmeric, old spices, etc..











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